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Open house
This format is an instructor led training with light minded business executive from various organizations attending in a class room setup. This gives business executives an opportunity to share knowledge among their peers and benchmark themselves. The training dates are fixed and advertised to the relevant business executives.

In – House
This instructor led format is delivered to business Executives from a specific organization. The content of the training is altered, highlight or omitted to suit the client's need and the dates & venue are discussed with client consultation. This format is best suited for organization looking to train 10 or More Executives.
MTE Global Business Conference are designed to address the current business challenges and upcoming trends in industries. Our selection of advisory panel & speakers has helped us in presenting meaningful content to the auditions. Our conference has provided the ideal platform for gathering key industry stakeholder to discuss and share present & future trends. Our conferences are attended by Government agencies , Industry bodies , Multi National Corporation & regional Conglomerates.
Instructor- led Webinars is delivered over web using video conference software to business executives across the different time zones, real time chat & audio communications allow for audition engagement. This format is best suited for executive who have travel constrains.
Managed Events
Our Specialized Managed Events division work in hand with the clients to ensure we deliver a world class event with high quality content ensuring maximum reach and brand recognition in the market place. We can help you from conceptualization to planning to implementation – with fresh ideas, exemplary planning and hard work we will make your event a success.